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Overview        Fraud Protection
Credit Card Processing       
Credit card fraud and chargeback fees can be very costly for any online business, especially those based within high risk industries such as travel. Unfortunately, as credit and banking laws stand, it is you, the merchant, who must bear these costs.

Managing this pervasive e-commerce risk becomes easy when you choose the right processor, with the necessary tools and systems in place to keep fraudulent transactions at a minimum. At NetPay we understand risk, and more importantly how to minimize it. When you open a merchant account with NetPay, each and every transaction that goes through our gateway will be checked for fraud, helping to keep your chargeback levels down.

The NetPay fraud detection system includes among other features:
• Metrics assessed in real time to identify fraud and chargeback risk
• Support for address verification (AVS) and card security codes (CVV)
• Blacklisting and white-listing of cards and IP addresses
• Block countries by location of payment request or origin of card
• Block transactions using credit card negative databases
• Checks against comprehensive known fraudsters database
• Limits on the maximum number of transaction attempts

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Fraud Protection    
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